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Expectation vs Reality (JYP Nation Ver.)

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Lotte Duty Free Ad

Guys…wtf is this

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lmaooooo waylt. THANK YOU SHOOCHEN SHENZHEN ETCETC <33333333


Dear Afrah,

Today you officially entered the world of 20s where the sky is full of sparkling rainbows and little ponies prancing through the meadows of Spring flowers. 


The grown up world sucks gargantuan balls. Everyone seem to be much more meaner, tragic, and boring. Not to mention your folks who would start demanding you to decide on your future life path and they will certainly expect a lot more from you. 

However, it’s all part of the process of growing up and although it seems so gray and dull, you should be excited because that means you’re joining the cool peeps old farts like me, @hey-insomia, @badlydrawnmoon, @dollfacedvulture, @illoyk@bleedalkali@sonicphotonic, and other amazing grown-ups who in times still resemble little children both in looks and behavior. 

The bright side is, whenever you feel frustrated or scared about life, we will be here for you and probably had felt the same way too. So don’t ever feel lonely or stressed out. Talk to us, bitch at us, do whatever you feel like with us (OOOOOOOOOO DIRTY INVITE LULZ KEKEKEKEKEKEKEK FUFUFUFUFUFUFUF) and we will do our best to cheer you up….most probably through Woo pics, weird videos, or obscene gifs full of hairy dangling sausage. We need to amp you up in the immoral department so the next time we come on chat, something this wouldn’t happen again:


Wouldn’t you like to contribute more to our pleasant and enjoyable conversation? I’m sure you would and I will look forward to that day.

Lastly, I want to share this lovely recipe for you in case you and @partyinpurple plan to have a Mac & Cheese rave party someday. Good luck…and enjoy your favorite oppar’s face when he’s hugging you a Happy Birthday.

Love ya!

ugh this reblog is so late because i was just about to sleep when you posted this, but THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO MUCH!!!!! lmao it still makes me sadface that i’m considered an old fart now lol THANKS FOR THAT.

lmaooo but seriously though, thank you so much. for that weird gif, that cap of the awkward convo, and that….. picture of woo. >___> lmfao ALLABYU <3

in half an hour we’ll be able to celebrate our birthdays together!!!1!1!! damn you timezones.




lol wtf

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2PM Show, Ep. 11: Switzerland